Sacred Stools

Connect to your goddess within

Sacred Stools, founded in Edmonton Alberta, is a women's brand focused on healing, reconnection, fertility, and women's wellness. With handcrafted premium Red Cedar stools, herbal steams and oils blended from plants in the Canadian Boreal, and rose quartz yoni eggs, Sacred Stools is more than just Canada's #1 vaginal steaming brand.

Where her love for the divine feminine & his love for woodworking collided.

After a long journey in conception with our first daughter Freya, we explored all of our alternative options to promote radiant fertility. Little did we know, the lost art of yoni steaming would become such an empowering practice to bring healing in our fertility journey and post partum's with both of our daughters. Realizing the power of steaming we decided to help women in their journey towards healing and reconnection to self.

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